Master Plan

Friends of Evergreeen Cemetery - The Master Plan Process

Shaping The Vision:
The Master Plan Process

A master plan is a conceptual design which defines guiding principles, goals, and objectives for a piece of property. The master plan analyzes landscape character, its uses, and makes suggestions regarding maintenance and management, administration and finance. These recommendations are based upon this analysis and are typically implemented in phases and include costs and income estimates. A Master Plan map is a visual representation of this information.

Evergreen Cemetery’s Master Plan is a comprehensive design that respects the cemetery’s history, understands the needs of today’s landscape and community, and forges a vision for the future. Its creation required a high level of cooperation and commitment on the part of all those involved in this process. The plan ensures a sound future for Evergreen and also provides a model for other communities which wish to undertake such an endeavor.

The City of Portland, in conjunction with the Friends of Evergreen, commissioned a master plan in 1994, which was supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, created by the Halvorson Company, Landscape Architects and Planning Consultants. The City of Portland adopted the 1994 Evergreen Cemetery Master Plan in 2002 as part of the City of Portland’s Comprehensive Plan.

In 2010, the Friends of Evergreen submitted a continuation of this plan, The Brentwood Parcel Master Plan, which is currently before the City Council for review.