Projects & Programs

The Friends of Evergreen received a one year grant in 2016 from the Davis Family Foundation to carry out a Landscape Rehabilitation Pilot Project. This goal of this project was to document the historic landscape features of the cemetery and to develop a plan for rehabilitation of the historic landscape, starting with a core area in the center of the cemetery:


2016-2018 Project Accomplishments

  • Established a record on a GIS and CAD compatible plan documenting the condition of the cemetery pilot area including tree data, soil data, burial and monument data, and historic plantings and prior tree location
  • Assessed existing conditions and evaluated alternative approaches to restoration for the pilot project area
  • Worked to develop a public/private partnership with the city for landscape rehabilitation in the cemetery
  • Developed a tree-planting plan for the pilot project area
  • Planted twenty-five trees along Ivy and Ash Avenue and a new ground cover over a raised tomb area in the project area

2019 and Beyond:

The Friends of Evergreen continue to seek funding through private foundations and public support to extend the landscape restoration work that was initiated here under the pilot project. Your support in this effort will help to complete this important task. In doing so, it will honor the efforts of the founders of the cemetery and the people interred here, and will protect the scenic beauty of this special place for the benefit of present and future generations.