The Friends of Evergreen

Founded in 1991

“Advocates In Action”

“Long after anyone remembered why the landscape was designed, the art of the landscape survived, surrounding us whenever we entered Evergreen, and moving us to protect it.”


  • 1994 Master Plan
  • Restoration of Evergreen Cemetery archival records back to 1869
  • Educational public programs – speakers, slide shows, walking tours
  • Work with school groups
  • Community programs – concerts, skating parties
  • Wilde Memorial Chapel restoration
  • Ponds restoration
  • Planting projects
  • Seven walking tours
  • Informational Visitor’s Sign for main entrance of cemetery
  • 2010 Brentwood Parcel Master Plan

“The Friends of Evergreen Cemetery, a private, not-for-profit, citizen advocacy organization, first met in September 1991…and has served as a model for other friends organizations in the city.”

“The importance of the cemetery to generations of citizens has been restored to a central place in the heart of today’s Portlanders. If there are any lasting lessons to be learned from the founding of the Friends of Evergreen and its modest successes in renewing the city’s interest in this beautiful landscape, it is the power of retelling a community’s history to motivate it again, and the power of the nineteenth century romantic landscape to speak to the twenty-first century.”
Peter F. Morelli
Chapter 4
Bold Vision: the development of the parks of Portland, Maine