Points of Interest

The list of special points of interest in Evergreen Cemetery is so vast only a handful could be detailed on the new Visitor’s Sign.  Many more are the subject of the 25 walking tours developed by the Friends over the years with more tours being researched now.

 This list along with the photos shown above serves as a good stepping off point to learning more about Evergreen Cemetery’s long history.  Walking the cemetery to visit each of these points will certainly reveal many more along the way.  Here are the points of interest marked on the map available for download (PDF):

  1. Evergreen Cemetery Office (1893)  Operations and information center
  2.  Pine Grove Cemetery (1841)  An older subscription cemetery within Evergreen  
  3. Jacob S. Winslow Statue  A life-sized statue of the merchant prince carved by Edward Griffin 
  4. William Pitt Fessenden Plot (1806-1869)  U.S. Senator, Treasury Secretary under President Lincoln
  5. Civil War Monument (1895)  Cleaves Family commission commemorating 800 servicemen
  6. The Valley of the Kings  Granite hillside mausoleums
  7. The Ponds  Focal point and destination for outings
  8. F.O.J. Smith Tomb (1806-1876)  Egyptian Revival-style tomb in National Register
  9. The Monolithic Rock  Martin Gore’s mysterious tombstone
  10. Woods and Trails  More than 100 acres of natural habitat
  11. Mary Rines Thompson Plot (1918-1992)  Civic leader, President of the Maine Broadcasting System
  12. Weeping Lady statues:  Symbols of vigilance and remembrance:  a.  Kimball Monument, b. True Monument, c. Gerrish Monument, d.  Wescott Monument.
  13. Thomas Brackett Reed Plot (1832-1902)  Speaker, U.S. House of  Representatives
  14. Elks Monument  A gift of the Benevolent Protective order of Elks
  15. Margaret Jane Mussey Sweat Plot (1823-1908)  Donor of the Sweat Memorial Gallery of the Portland Museum of Art
  16. Baxter Family Monument  James Phinny Baxter (1831-1921), Mayor of Portland Portland Park system creator, and his son Percival Proctor Baxter (1876-1969), Governor of Maine, founder of Baxter State Park
  17. Chisholm Mausoleum (1913)  Greek temple commemorates Hugh Chisholm, found of International Paper
  18. John Calvin Stevens Plot (1855-1940)  Maine architect and an originator of the Shingle Style
  19. Wilde Memorial Chapel (1902)  English Gothic Revival chapel designed for Mary Ellen Lunt Wilde in memory of her husband Samuel
  20. Sundial (1969-1970)  An instrument to measure time and mark the transience of the world

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